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Thomas Morris has taught guitar lessons for over 25 years and has been a music teacher for Lee County Schools for over 10 years.
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Are you or is somebody close to you passionate about music? Do you want to take your love of music to the next level by learning to play an instrument and attaining the skills to play all of your favorite pieces? Perhaps you have a son or a daughter who wants to begin learning the guitar or the piano, or who stopped lessons earlier and is eager to take the instrument back up? If so, Guitar- The Easy Way LLC has the solutions for you.

Guitar- The Easy Way LLC is the leading destination in the Fort Meyer area of Florida State for all of your guitar, piano, and music theory lessons today. We provide a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment in which people of all ages and skill levels can practice their musical passions under the expert guidance of Mr. Morris.

Guitar- The Easy Way LLC offers an in depth guitar instruction service for players of all ages, experience, and musical persuasions, and we do so at some of the best prices available anywhere in Fort Meyer today.

We are also equally proficient in the provision of piano lessons for enthusiasts of all types, and we have an excellent track record of success in training our students from a novice to a level of competency and confidence at the keyboard that might have seemed impossible when they walked in the door for their first lesson.

Music lessons at an early age have been scientifically proven to enhance the growth in children’s cognitive capacities as well as critical thinking and problem solving faculties.

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Guitar- The Easy Way LLC is the ideal venue to start your child on a life long journey and love affair with music that will not only benefit them academically, but spiritually, too.

Moreover, at Guitar- The Easy Way LLC, we can accommodate our clients in need of direct academic support as we are equally well versed in the provision of music theory lessons. This aspect of the instrument learning process can seem daunting at first, but after a few weeks at Guitar- The Easy Way LLC, you will be reading a score of Mozart like it were I am Sam.

So, get in touch with Guitar- The Easy Way LLC and start your own musical mission today by calling (239) 645-5603. Gift Vouchers are also available!

"Excellent!" by Alberto Cortes – 05/01/2009
"Great teacher, Easy To Learn !"

GREAT TEACHER by MauryGuitarManiac – 04/09/2009
"I’ve been learning guitar from Mr. Morris for more than 2 years now, and he’s an excellent teacher. What we do now is simply jam together as he gives me feedback on my playing and tells me on what to improve on, as he teaches me new techniques that help me in my playing. An overall great teacher! Sure to please any level musician."

John G.
"Mr. Thom is an outstanding and experienced guitar instructor. He is a highly skilled player and is able to transfer those skills effectively to his students – whether they are beginners or more developed. He has the unique ability to adjust to a students capabilities and musical preferences. Mr. Thom is friendly and likable with great interpersonal and communication skills. He is a master at recognizing his students interests and needs, and offers expert guidance in a non-intimidating manner. He is also great at charting musical scores and assignments. He makes guitar lessons joyful, cool, and interesting. He is a top notch musician and is unquestionably “best in class”. I would highly recommend him as an instructor at virtually any skill level. I guarantee that you will be pleased."

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