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When taken at face value, music theory, and the process of reading score sheets of music, understanding the symbols, the grammar, and the syntax of a composition, as well as comprehending the terminologies and scientific and mathematical underpinnings of music as a discipline, can seem perhaps the most daunting dynamic of the study of the field.

But, at Guitar- The Easy Way LLC we are here to reduce and remove the stress, pressure, boredom, and difficulty and reintroduce some of the fun.

After all, when studied and understood effectively, the knowledge and understanding of the theory of music can enhance your appreciation of the art.

We take the student through an understanding of all of the component parts of a given piece: rhythm, harmony (harmonic function), melody, and structure, form, texture, etc, and help them to understand their function and significance in the composition.

We will also take you through all scales and modes and teach you all the symbols that are used to compose a score.

By the time you are finished with our music theory lessons, you will read scores like you do a book and really understand what you hear.

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