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Guitar Lessons | Guitar- The Easy Way LLC - Fort Myers, FL

We have all done it. Stood in front of the mirror holding a tennis racket, cranked the volume on the stereo up to ten, and let rip with our best Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page impression. In truth, many of us have dreamed of being a rock star, and while we can’t promise you that, Guitar- The Easy Way LLC can help to make your dream of playing guitar like your heroes become a reality today.

Guitar- The Easy Way LLC owner, Mr. Morris, has more than 25 years experience of live performance, gigging and guitar instruction, and he brings all of that vast experience into every single one of his beginning guitar lessons. We accommodate guitar students of all musical persuasions: from rock to country, metal to jazz, pop to alternative, blues to classical, and everything in between.

We train you to the highest technical standards available anywhere today and do so for some of the best prices that you could find. We teach you everything that you need to know to become a master guitar player, from fingering styles and guitar types, to tuning techniques, scales, chords, notes, songs and much more.

We can take on students that want to learn to play rock guitar on an electric guitar set up with as equal proficiency as we can a student that comes each week with a nylon stringed guitar that seeks to be trained classically, or even someone with an acoustic steel string that wants to learn country.

Additionally, we can also tutor students in more specialized fields such as Bass guitar playing, slide and resonator guitar, bluegrass and much more. Guitar- The Easy Way LLC is the one stop shop for all Fort Meyer’s guitar needs today, so stop dreaming and start playing!